Gold X offers B2B solutions to sweeten naturally. By using our products, clients will be able to have healthy products (Clean Label).

Concentrated Ultrafiltered Sugarcane Juice
The only NATURAL product that can substitute crystal and refined sugar, besides all of its derivatives and analogues, without affecting the sensory characteristics of your product.
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Ultrafiltered Sugarcane Molasses
Product with an exclusive sensory characteristic and a caramel translucent color. Nutritional mono and disaccharides compounds (Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose).
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  • 100% purified
  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar (crystal, glucose, or invert sugar)
  • Free from sodium
  • No chemical additives
  • Vegan Product
Product Applications
To naturally substitute
Sugar (crystal, refined, solution, invert solution)
Concentrated apple juice
Concentrated apricot juice
Sweetening matter
Partially substitute palm oil
It may be used as an ingredient in
Cereal bars
Healthy products
Ice creams
Dairy products
To provide sensory characteristics
Sweet taste
Pleasant aroma
Viscosity similar to honey’s
Shine enhancer
It does not intensify the garapa taste, as muscovado sugar does
Fermentable Agent (Substrate)
Yeast reproduction
Other microorganisms reproduction
Nutritional Comparison
Molasses and concentrated juice are naturally nutritional and extremely healthy. They will sweeten up your routine. The uses of these ingredients are really versatile, because they are stable to heat and do not lose their nutritional properties when cooked.
Nutritional Comparison
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